Please Read – Scams can happen to ANYONE!

No one is immune to all the scams out there today.  Sometimes it seems that our telephones and home computers just give more opportunities to crooks!

Recently, credit union members have been targeted by phone scams (IRS, Social Security, etc) with crooks calling and threatening legal action or arrest if you refuse to “work” with them.  Rest assured that no agency of the State or Federal government that is going to call you at home or on your cell phone to tell you that you owe money!  You should hang up on these calls… DO NOT provide or confirm any personal or banking information.

On your computer, you can reach out to the world and find all sorts of information.  Unfortunately, with pop up ads, fraudsters have an easy way to reach out to you.  If a screen pops up on your computer telling you that it “might” be compromised, remember that it is just a pop up ad trying to sell you something you probably don’t need.  The people behind these ads don’t know anything about your computer until you give them access by clicking on the links they provide.  DON’T DO IT.  Microsoft or Dell WILL NOT contact you if your computer is running slow and they don’t have other companies do it either.  When you give access to your computer to some stranger over the internet, you just might go from having a “clean” computer to having all sorts of malware and spyware installed.  Not sure if your computer is “clean”?  Contact a local computer store that can provide this service to you, probably at a much lower cost.

Be suspicious and don’t give away your hard earned money to fraudsters!