Schedule of Fees

Credit Union Corporate Check$3.00 per Corporate Check
Copy of Statement$3.00 per month
Returned Deposit Item Fee$10.00 per check
Money Orders $2.00 per Money Order
Account closed in first 180 days$25.00
Outgoing Fax (domestic)$1.00 per page
Outgoing Fax (international)$5.00 per page
Outgoing Wire Transfer- Domestic $20.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer - International$45.00
VISA Gift Card$3.00 each
ATM Access Fee with Select or PLUS Checking$3.00 per month
ATM Access Fee - Savings only$36.00 per year
Foreign Check/Sight Draft deposit$30.00 per item
Mail Receipt for DepositNo Charge with Stamped, Self-addressed Envelope (SSAE). $1 per receipt without SSAE
Address Correction visa USPS Notice$5.00 per address change (No cost if address is changed by member notice before USPS Notice received
Garnishment/Levy/Writ or other Legal Order$50.00 per order
Dormant Account$5.00 per month after 24 months of inactivity (excluding dividend posting). Waived for primary members under age 18.
Business AccountsMonthly fee of $0.10 per check deposited with a minimum of $15.00.
Select Checking with ATM card$3.00 per month
Copy of cleared Check$3.00 per check
Temporary/Counter Checks$4.00 per page of 4 checks
NSF - Insufficient Funds on checks, ACH, ATM or Debit transactions$30.00 per item
Privilege Payment of Check$30.00 per item/ max 5/day
Stop Payment - Member Checks or ACH items$30.00 per item or range of checks
Automatic Transfer to cover overdrafts from savings or other designated accounts$3.00 per transfer
Reconcile member checking account$25.00 per hour, 1 hour minimum
ATM Card Replacement$10.00 per card - If other than normal reissue
Debit card or VISA card replacement fee$10.00 per card - If other than normal reissue
Card Replacement Rush Fee - Card only (additional cost to rush PIN mailer)$50.00
Non-VISA Loan Late Charge10% of the uncollected interest with a minimum of $10.00 if more than 10 days past due.
VISA Late Charge$20.00 After 5 day grace period
Non-Member Fee- Coin Counting10% of total coin value
Non-Member Fee- Notary Public$3.00 per Notary Act