Paper Statements vs E-Statements

Family First does not charge our members a fee for paper statements.  Many other financial institutions have begun to do this (sometimes packaged with “extras”).  We have no plans to begin charging for E-Statements, but we want you to be aware of the reasons that E-Statements might be a good idea for you.

#1 – Your E-Statement is normally ready for review the first or second day after month-end.  Our paper statements are printed and mailed at an out-of-town printer in order to keep the cost down.  Therefore your paper statement may not arrive for a week or more after the end of the statement period.

#2 – E-Statements are secure.  Because you get to your E-Statements through our secure Home Banking (ItsMe247), you know it won’t get lost in the mail or get delivered to the wrong address.

#3 – E-Statements are better for the environment.  The use of paper for statements and envelopes, the inks involved in the printing of both and the resources used to move the pieces of mail from the printer to your mail box is less environmentally friendly than sending you an email that your statement is ready to view.

#4 – E-Statements remain available for you to review for up to 18 months.  If you sign up for E-Statements today, your next month-end statement including normal accounts, VISA and even Mortgage statements will be there for you to review.  That means you don’t need to save them for tax preparation or “just in case”.  They are always just a click away.  And if you need an older statement, just give us a call.

#4 – E-Statements save the credit union money.  The credit union spends an average of $790 a month to print and mail statements to our members.  That’s about $9,500 a year that could be spent on other services if all our members used E-Statements.

SO, if you would like to change to E-Statements, it is easy to do.  If you already use ItsMe247, just select the tab labeled My Documents and click the button for E-Statements.  If you don’t yet take advantage of our FREE Home Banking, contact the credit union to have your account online access allowed and then just click on the ItsMe247 Login button on any page of our website within the following 24 hours to set up your personal and secure password and security settings.