Are You Taking Advantage of Free Purchase Alerts for FFFCU Debit Cardholders

You can get email or text message alerts to monitor transactions on your Family First FCU Debit card in near-real time..  You choose whether to be alerted by an email or by a text (SMS) to your registered mobile phone by going to  (text charges may apply depending on your phone plan)

You choose from a range of criteria for the alerts you receive.  These include all transactions; international transactions; transactions that exceed a dollar amount you specify; and more.  You can change your alerts preferences any time at

When you receive CO-OP Card Alerts, you can monitor your card activity and quickly spot unusual transactions as soon as they occur.  If you see something suspicious, just contact us immediately so that we can stop fraudsters in their tracks!

Now your Family First FCU Debit Card offers an even higher level of protection.  To start receiving CO-OP Card Alerts, sign up today at